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Samuel J.  Augustine

Samuel J. Augustine

Branch Office Consultant

Sam, a graduate of LaSalle College, majored in Economics. He began his career in the financial services industry in 1969. Until 2004, Sam was the Principal for the branch office. Sam studied fiduciary practices at the Kratz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh through the Center for Fiduciary Studies.

After graduating from Cardinal Dougherty H.S. and LaSalle, Sam served two tours in Vietnam as a United States Naval Officer and later served as a Blue and Gold officer for the U.S. Naval Academy. Both his wife's father (CDR Leo Hester) and her brother (W.O. Leo Hester) were shot down and killed in Vietnam.

Since Sam relinquished control of the branch to his daughter Angela, his focus and top priorities have been helping other advisors and assisting our associated registered representatives. Sam's priority for our Branch remains what he has done for more than forty years, solving problems. He enjoys working in the area of Trusts, Charitable Giving and the many uses for Life Insurance.

Sam believes that the most important and overlooked asset you have is your ability to earn a living because it supports your home, your investments, your family and everything else that depends on you making a living.

Sam's first book is published under the title, "They Went in Harm's Way." It is available in most outlets and on Kindle. Just released, MONEY WITH BENEFITS. A cash management system to save the average person at least $400 every month for the rest of their lives without changing one's lifestyle.

Sam and his wife Gerri have raised nine children and have nineteen grandchildren-(so far). Like Angela, Sam and Gerri reside in Lower Bucks County.