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How We Work

With constant improvements in healthcare and daily habits, we are seeing people live longer and experiencing more active retirements. This brings up questions and concerns about what you’re going to do in retirement and if it’s possible. You have been saving for retirement for a majority of your life, so it helps to know how the transition process works. Ask yourself a few questions, do you understand your 401K? Do you know your pension choices and options? Social Security benefits? Medicare costs and needs? How much income will you need?

Next Phase

Next Phase is an Income Distribution Plan that allows you to take the assets you have accumulated during your working years and have them paid out to last your Retirement. The assets from which you expect to create a vital stream of income during retirement face risk from economic turmoil, interest rate uncertainty and market volatility. It is vital to correctly position your accumulated assets into a series of investments at retirement that is designed to provide you income for your lifetime. Our team will walk you through a step by step process that will help you feel confident entering a new chapter of your life.

  • We’ll get to know you and find out what’s important to you. We’ll learn where you are in life financially and when you expect to retire.
  • We’ll help you define your goals in writing by understanding your personal priorities. This will help us determine how much you’ll need to produce a lifelong income stream to support a successful retirement.
  • Based on the personal and financial information we have gathered combined with your personal goals, we’ll put together action steps designed to help you reach your goals. We’ll present our proposal and explain each step so that you completely understand your options.
  • Once you’ve decided to move forward, we’ll help you implement each action step by working with you and other professionals.
  • We’ll monitor your overall situation and make recommended changes when necessary and regularly report your progress toward reaching your goals.

The financial realities of our world are changing. More and more people must rely on their own investments for income during retirement. This strategy is designed to divide investments up into multiple time-segmented pools that have different growth and security objectives. Watch this short video

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