Michelle McCaw

Administrative Assistant to Angela


Administrative Assistant to Angela

Michelle joined Augustine Financial on April 19, 1999.  Over the years she has become the right arm not only of Angela, but for clients and other associates as well. 

Her responsibilities include: Preparing files for client meetings, Making sure changes that are required for each client are completed.  Electronic records for each account as well as paper filings, preparing reports, routine and sometimes not so-routine data processing, making sure paperwork and applications and other items leave here in good order.

One of Michelle's strong, yet sometimes annoying characteristics, is to make sure everything that she had to do for the day is done before she leaves here.  We have had to kick her out at dinner time.

Michelle is the proud mother of her two children, Madison who recently turned eleven and, Nicholas who turned four this year and they live in Levittown.

Our office could not function as effectively as it does today without the capable talents exhibited by Michelle in all she does for our clients and for us.

Michelle can be reached at,



Phone 215-633-9500