Disability Income Protection

Solutions for Income When You Can't Work

You've worked hard to provide an income for yourself and you know first hand the work it takes to make a living for yourself and your family.  If an illness or an injury interferes, your personal income can suffer or perhaps evaporate.

With proper planning you can protect the income that pays for your mortgage, food and utilities along with other items you need to protect.  For instance, most people don't know they can protect their future contributions to their retirement plan if they can't work.  Business owners might not know they can with proper planning protect their overhead expenses including payroll, rent and most other regular bills.

"If you work for a living, and have no disability insurance, you effectively have no financial plan.(Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek Economist, 1991)

Looking at it from another perspective, if your employer offered you a choice of two different payscales, which one would you take?

                             Pays While Healthy                   Pays if Sick or Hurt

Payscale A             $102,000/yr                                $ -0-

Payscale B             $100,000/yr                                $60,000/yr

We can help you protect your most valuable asset, your ability to earn a living.